Measuring and Testing Device Manufacture

You are facing a difficult measurement task that needs to be integrated into your workflow
and for which there is no device yet?

No Problem, we would be happy to develop and build you an individual solution!

Types of Measuring and testing equipment

What type of device can we manufacture for you? Since we have been a development service provider and specialists in measurement technology ourselves for many years, we are very familiar with the requirements and specifications for many areas:

Linear and rotary axis measuring devices

Including traverse and feed motion in the speed range from 0,1 µm/s bis 10 m/s. With travel ranges in nm and several meters.

Measuring devices for material testing

Highspeed measuring devices, probes & sensors for measuring material and dimensional properties in µm and nm-range

Measuring devices based on optics and laser technology

For optical and adjustment systems.

Almost any workstep can be done inhouse!

Construction and Design
We are developing your product exactly according to your requirements. Drafts and drawings are handled with utmost care and, thanks to our local facilities, do not have to be passed on to third parties (suppliers, etc.).

Software development

We can provide you with software specially tailored to your device for solutions with external pcs or integrated modules.


We produce most of the components ourselves on our Rxp 500 DS or RFM 760 S. Thus long waiting times for supplier milled parts can be avoided, especially with small batches.
More about HSC-Milling.

Quality assurance

We check your device with our own special measuring equipment. You can find more information about our products here.

What does this Service at LNP include?

Are you looking for an individual measuring device? As a customer, you will be closely involved in the development and construction of your device. We develop innovative and solution-oriented.

Thanks to inhouse construction, software developement, design department and HSC production, as well as nanometer -accurate testing and validation options, it ist possible to have your test- or measuring device completely manufactured by LNP. As a result we are not dependent on special suppliers and can also operate much faster. In addition, our customers benefit from our highly precise quality assurance. In this way, we ensure that your measuring or testing equipment works the way you want it to!


What features do you need?

We build Measurement an testing devices tailored to the respective workplace and operator. In doing so we are not limited to any area of application. Just choose the shape and color, your device is nearly done!
Plastic & rubber industry
Medical technology
Tool making
Metal industry
Mechanical & plant engineering
Food technology
Automotive industry
Environmental engineering
Precision mechanics & optics
Agricultural engineering
Energy technology