LNP IRHD-M measuring device with rotary table K on an angle adjustment and software on touchscreen convertible in the background.

Services that can be booked additionally

+ maintenance contract:
    Remote maintenance, support and calibration

+ User training

LNP® Universaltester

BEST.-NR.: 034332

The workplace solution for standard test procedures according to:


Measurement at the push of a button! Hardness testing has never been so easy and accurate. Standard-compliant hardness determination for elastomers and plastics.

The product complies with the European Machinery Directive and is therefore CE compliant.


Now, with a change of the probe tip, also usable as a shore a standard tester!

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Scope: elastomers, plastics, synthetics

IRHD-resolution: 0,01 °

Level of automation: fully automatic measurement

Lowering speed: 3,2 mm/s in accordance with current standards

Possible sample dimensions X×Y×Z: 250 mm × 200 mm × 250 mm

Device dimensions X×Y×Z: 250 mm × 522 mm × 281 mm

Action controller dimensions: X×Y×Z: 150 mm × 200 mm × 70 mm

Device weight: ca. 29 kg

Incl. record software and windows convertible-notebook!

Services that can be booked additionally

+ maintenance contract:
    Remote maintenance, support and calibration

+ User training

Process integration


Make sure your production is and stays within tolerance.

Quality controll
Quality assurance with the LNP® Universaltester means full integration intoalready  existing q-systems.

Analyze your production and use the knowledge to control your process parameters.

Application examples
with equipment

Application examples
with equipment

O-ring on turntable K with angle adjustment from 0 ° -90 °

This combination is for rotationally symmetrical components, such
as O-rings and Simmerrings are particularly well suited. The
three-jaw chuck enables flexible clamping variants and thus also
measuring in the normal direction.

Samples on linear axis type X

The linear axis is available individually or can be stacked as an XY variant with 80 mm travel.
Several or individual measuring points can be measured fully automatically on several test objects.

Frequently asked questions about the IRHD-M process

IRHD stands for International Rubber Hardness Degree [°] that can be measured with this method. The M in IRHD-M stands for micro, which means that very small rubber samples and products with a thickness of 1 mm or more can be determined. It can therefore be determined how hard small elastomer, plastic or rubber products, e.g. O-rings or coatings, are. In addition, there are the IRHD processes in the N, H, L, M and VLRH versions.

The degree of hardness provides information on the deformation behavior as a result of a constant load and can therefore provide conclusions about the functionality of small parts. The geometry of the test body is a sphere, which is why we often speak of the ball indentation hardness IRHD.

Available so far:

Equipment for LNP® Universaltester and other measuring devices.


Available so far:

Equipment for LNP® IRHD-M and other measuring devices.

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