Different LNP® stylus tips compared in size with one euro cent

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1 LNP® Probe tip
1 Probe tip holder
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probe tips

LNP® Probe tips

Equip your measuring device with high-precision probe tips!
Here you get an overview of the different materials, sizes and areas of application of our stylus tips.
All probe tips are compatible with both LNP® measuring devices and test devices from other well-known manufacturers.

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Ruby probe tips: standard or individual geometries on customer request, balls from Ø 0.3 mm

Carbide probe tips: Completely individual or typical standards with a radius from 2 µm -250 µm and angles from 30 °

Diamond stylus tips: Berkovich, Vickers, Martens, and other probe tips

Icon LNP® ruby ​​probe tip
Ruby probe tips

Suitable e.g. for coordinate metrology & indentation measurement

Icon LNP® carbide probe tip
Carbide probe tips

For contour measurement technology

Icon LNP® diamond stylus tip
Diamond probe tips

For roughness measurement and more


LNP® probe tips are available in different sizes and materials. In addition, they are not only compatible with LNP® measuring devices. They enable high-precision testing of many materials and are used in optics, precision mechanics, medical technology, watchmaking, food technology, metal industry, plastics industry, toolmaking, automotive industry as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

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