Measuring with innovative measuring systems

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) of an o-ring using LNP microindentation

The video shows the spatially resolved dynamic machanical analysis (DMA) of an o-ring.
The probing direction is axial at the zenith and along the o-rings round geometry. The probe tip penetrates the material in a modulating manner and delivers at each measuring point the storage and loss modulus and the ratio between them, the tan (d). The different values ​​are shown in color in the form of a three dimensional diagram on top of the o-ring.

This form of visualization vividly shows the inhomogeneities present inside the component and helps to assess material and production-related deviations in the component.


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Rendering eines Messergebnisses in Form eines 3D Diagramms das über dem gemessenen O-Ring schwebend dargestellt ist