Contents of delivery

1 LNP® Crosstable 25 mm
1 LNP® Tilt adjustment in X/Y
1 LNP® Rotational adjustment in Z
1 Scratch-resistant steel plate
1 Foot plate

Positioning units

LNP® Crosstable 25 mm

 BEST.-NR.: 031580


A versatile, coordinated modular system that leaves nothing to be desired. Workpieces can be held precisely and brought into the measuring position in five axes. Thanks to the 5-point sliding guide, this cross measuring and positioning table can be loaded with up to 30kg. The cross table also has mechanical  built-in measuring spindles (0.01mm) and extensive accessories such as an incline plate, a rotation plate, etc.

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Dimensions H×B×T: 100 mm × 100 mm × 80 mm

Weight: 4 kg

Adjustment range: ±12,5 mm

Clamping size: 150 mm x 150 mm

Max load capacity: 30kg

Rotational range in x,y: ±3°

Rotational range in z: ±3°

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