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1 LNP® hardness reference block 4.0
1 Calibrationsoftware
1 LNP® Factory calibration certificate

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measuring device calibration

LNP® hardness reference block 4.0

Order Number: 035176


Tolerance distribution at a glance!

In the new LNP® hardness reference block, precision lies not only in the homogeneity of the material, but also in the visualization of the hardness tolerance. The integrated scale enables you to find an exact hardness reference. The accompanying documentation software reminds you of your hardness reference blocks annual inspection.

At the moment only available in German

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Dimensions H×B×T: 21 mm × 50 mm × 50 mm

Weight: 0,125 kg

Degrees of hardness: 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°,

Available for the following standard calibration: 

  • IRHD-M
  • VLRH DIN ISO 27588
  • SHORE 00 A/M ASTM 2240
  • SHORE 000 A/M ASTM 2240

Information about the software

Start with more reliable measurement device verification!

Not only can you calibrate your measuring device with the monitoring software, it is possible to check how accurate your hardness reference block still is. For each individual measuring point, the values ​​of all measurements can be viewed and compared with previous ones.

With the help of the clear histograms, you can see at a glance how accurate your device is or how individual measuring points have changed over time. With each measurement you create your own database, the softwares has an Excel-based interface, which is highly compatible with many systems. Setting up is child’s play, simply drag the supplied software with the corresponding serial number from the USB stick into a folder of your choice. Finished!