Included with delivery

1 LNP® Heating table PE
1 Controler for Heating table PE
1 Software Heating table PE
incl. Transport case

sample temperature control

LNP® heating table PE

ON: 035007


The compact and safe temperature control!

Miniaturised heating surface; no climatic chamber necessary, safe handling. Fully includable in all automatic test procedures. Simple temperature selection over touchscreen or PC. Optional: IR camera for automatic determination of sample temperature.

+49 (0) 5551 910 20 59

Temperature range: 20- 180 °C

Temperaturestability: 2 K

Temperatureresolution: 1 K

heatable surface: Ø 13 mm

Performance: 33 W

Heating rate (til 80% TMax without sample): >30K/min

Stiffness: <1μm/1000 mN

Incl. PC-software with temperature logger und cycle settings.

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