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1 LNP® Rotary Table K
1 Angle adjustment
1 Jaw chuck

The LNP®
Rotary Table K

Order Number: 034843


The perfect accessory for O-rings and all kinds of rotationally symmetrical parts! The turntable is turning, you are measuring!

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Dimensions H×B×T: 135 mm × 125 mm × 46 mm

Weight: 0,8 kg

Adjustment range rotary table K : 360°

Adjustment range Angle Adjustment: – 45° to +90°

Angular resolution: 0,1°

Maximum O-Ring outside diameter: >48 mm

Softwareintegration over LNP nano touch Software

in Practice

in Practice

Rotation on Rotary table K by 360 °

Materials or workpieces such as O-rings can be approached
automatically  and checked on
any position of the rotary axis.

Samples can be tilted from -45 ° to + 90 °

The angle adjustment has a locking point every 5 °. With the combination of tilt and rotation axes, almost every point on round samples or materials can be reached and measured.

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