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Force Sensor LNP® Tribodetect
1 PC software
1 USB connection cable

LNP® Tribodetect

ON: 035182


With the additional module Tribodetect, it is possible to carry out frictional force measurements easily and conveniently in connection with the basic packages (LNP® 1, LNP® 2, LNP® 3 Piezo or 3DC). The sensor can be adapted with the LNP nano touch software using the associated PC software. However, thanks to the integrated electronics and display, it can also be operated independently  and without a PC.

+49 (0) 5551 910 20 59

Dimensions H×B×T: 145mm×145mm×22mm

Weigh: 1kg

Force range: +/- 100N

Force resolution: ca. 1mN

Travels: +/- 2μm

Supply voltage: 5V /500 mA (USB)

Measurement frequency: > 75 Hz

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