IRHD-M Measurement

Standard test methods

Measuring IRHD-M ISO 48 with the LNP® nano touch

The measurement of micro hardness is an important instrument for identifying the material properties of elastomers.

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Conventional testing devices usually need a sample cut out of bigger products or need a special test plate manufactured to measure correctly. With the LNP® nano touch it is possible for the first time to perform non-distructively micro IRHD hardness measurements on rubber-elastic materials directly during the manufacturing process, and this with a portable device!

IRHD-M hardness measurement with standard support ring

The basis of the standard support ring is a double rocker system that generates the standard contact pressure of the support ring on the sample and adjusts itself on the surface of a test plate at the same time The two skids contain the movement of the manual stand to the bottom. They enable the measurement directly on a large work piece.

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