Contents of delivery

1 Gauge Block Holder
Spacer 30 mm
1 Spacer 35 mm
1 Spacer 40 mm
2 Countersunk screw DIN 7991 M3× 5
1 L-key SW2
incl. Transport case

clamping devices

LNP®Gauge Block Holder

Order Number: 030981


The gauge block holder is a universal holder for connecting gauge blocks with a clamping bore of Ø 10 mm and a clamping force limiter. It is an innovative, self-explanatory lightweight construction, with particularly easy handling. The clamping bolts snap into the telescopically guided slide and clamp the gauge blocks safely and reliably with the help of the clamping screw.

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Dimensions H×B×T: 48 mm × 22 mm × 102 mm

Weight: 0,200 kg

Adjustment range: 30 mm

Clamping area: 48 mm-78 mm

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