Contents of Delivery

1 LNP® Parallel Vice
1 DIN 4762 M4x10
3 Clamping Bolt
incl. Transport case

clamping devices, Mounts & Clamps

LNP® Parallel Vice

ON: 031077


The device consists of hardened, corrosionresistant steel and includes extensive accessories. All surfaces are sanded with high precision. Workpieces can be clamped precisely and repeatedly (high-precision clamping surfac with horizontal and vertical prisms with clamping slide either horizontallyor vertically)

+49 (0) 5551 910 20 59

Dimensions: H×B×T: 95mm × 30mm × 27,5mm

Weight: 0,658 kg

Clamping Area: 0,1mm – 34mm


Makes the parallel vice even better!

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