Flexural modulus

Analysing methods

Measuring the flexural modulus with LNP® nano touch

A great advantage of the LNP® nano touch is that you only needone device for the three- and two-point measurements. You receive highly precise measurement values due to the electromagnetic force generation and the optical distance measurement system. You can not only measure the Young’s modulus but also receive information about the penetration characteristics and the plastic deformation of the material. The Young’s modulus can be determined on significantly smaller specimens than the norm allows. This is made possible by varying the measuring force. This saves material.

  • Two-point measurement
  • Three-point measurement in accordance with ISO 178
  • Temperature-dependent three-point measurement from 5°C to 80°C

When does it make sense to measure the flexural modulus?

Applicable for plastic materials and metal specimen which can also be measured temperature-dependent. The measured data can finally be saved in a meta-evaluation and analysed statistically. An export to Access- and Q-DAS- databases is possible as well.

  • Young’s modulus, penetration characterisitcs, plastic deformation of the material
  • Round or rectangular cross sections


For measuring the flexural modulus
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