Analysing methods

What is Microtribology?

Microtribology deals with the mechanical behavior of homogeneous materials in the sub-µm range. Another area of ​​activity is the analysis of solid material, which cannot be characterized in the macro or micro hardness measurement method, or only with great effort. Friction tests are also carried out. The method is also very well suited for strongly curved surfaces (see picture).

  • Resolution of Z- and X-axis: 10nm
  • Lowest velocity: 0.2μm/s
  • Greatest velocity: 2000μm/s

Micotribology and the LNP® nano touch – Possibilitys

Normal force and friction force can be measured in one run, there are also continuous registration options as well as precise visualization of the static and sliding friction coefficient.
The right picture shows the roughness measurement on a watch shaft.

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Naturally the LNP® nano touch can not only measure the measurement force while penetrating the workpiece, but also while leaving…