All standard testing and analysis methods that are possible with LNP products!

The LNP® nano touch

The LNP® nano touch is a compact, infinitely variable force-position sensor with frictionless bearing and dynamic force generation up to 1.4 N. If you need more, the dynamic force generation can be increased up to 10N with our new optional head.

This guarantees a precise force generation without frictionor guiding losses. Combined with an optical incremental position sensor with a high-resolution of up to 10 nm, a damage-free, high-precision geometrical and physical measurement is achieved, as is the determination of material properties.

Distance measuring system: Optical incremental

Range: 4 mm

Resolution: 10 nm standard

Linearity: Way: < 200 nm to measuring range

Linearity: Force: 0…1400 mN < 0,3% to measuring range

Generating of measuring forces: electro-mechanically

Measuring force: 0,05 mN…1,4 N or 10 N

Measurement force resolution: 0,6 mN (600 μN)

Your benefits

With the LNP® nano touch system

Precision measurement with variable
way and force paramenters:

  • Measurement of geometrical quantities up to 4mm with nanometre resolution
  • Measurements of material properties micro hardness, Young’s modulus, damping ratio
  • Measurement of very soft materials with probing force from 0.05 mN to 1.4 N
  • Measurement of liquids, viscosity, surface tension
  • Measurement of micro contours and tribology effects

Other advantages:

  • Frictionless bearing
  • Compactly built
  • Optical distance measurement
  • Variable measuring force, configurable measurement procedures
  • Constant measuring force, even when tip is moved
  • Free positioning in 3D space
  • Fully automated probing of workpiece surfaces

Measuring methods



Naturally the LNP® nano touch can not only measure the measurement force while penetrating the workpiece, but also while leaving…